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A little bit of history

My real name is José María de Lucas Sacristán, however, I am mostly known in the scene as Chema Sacristán. I am a professional drummer since 2004 and bellow I present a brief biography of my professional career in the U.K.

In 2002 and being only 19 years old, my vocation for music was really clear and I decided to move to Bristol (UK), where I resided for 4 years. In Bristol, I had the chance to be exposed and to experiment with all kinds of music. I performed my first shows of rock, jazz, world music and many more. I was privileged enough to be exposed to musicians of all genres and to work with over 5 different local bands, continuously performing in Bristol and the South West and achieving experience.

In September 2006, I moved to London to study in Tech Music Schools, London, as well known as “ drum tech” , where I completed my higher education studies and obtained the university title: BMUS POPULAR MUSIC PERFORMANCE,
(HONS) licensed by the West London University. Once I finished my University degree in 2011, I started to work exclusively as a performing drummer and as a drum teacher, giving private lessons in my own studio, Oktopus Music Services in North West London.

In the past 5 years, I had the opportunity and privilege of performing, recording and writing with some of the very best musicians, well known in the London and UK scene, such as Kevin Glasgow, (Known as one of the best bassists in Europe) Robin Banerjee (guitarist of Amy Winehouse), Roberto Manzin (Zuchero), Felipe Martíns (Emeterians), Juan Whist (The Voice National Spanish tv) and many other figures of jazz and other genres, performing regularly and showcasing in most London live music venues as well as the very best UK and Europe entertainment agencies such as Scarlett Entertainment, Full Stop Entretainment and many others.

After 15 years of professional experiences, I have decided to fully focus on teaching drums and performing. It is noticeable that my studies, and my extensive professional career, represent my vocation and devotion for music. As a consequence of this, I master many techniques and abilities such as improvising, independence, coordination as well as vocabulary in practically all music styles within the modern popular music and some genres of world music.
My target is to transmit my passion for music, drums and percussion in general, not only on the stage, but also on my private lessons. My teachers when I was a Tech music school , always mentioned how strong ability to teach and transmit enthusiasm was, from early stages in my studies, as I completed the music education module on the 3rd year of my degree.

In this website, you can check out my videos, photos, a list of artists and reputable musicians I have worked with. You can also find details and contents of my drum lessons and my contact details to enquire about it, as well as details about hiring any of my bands for events and performances.

Kind regards,
Jose Sacristan

Professional drummer and private teacher

Private Lessons

We offer drum tuition for individuals all over the globe of just about every age and skill level.

Lesson types

Online drums lessons

Online drums lessons

Suitable for anyone with an acoustic or an electric drum set and a reliable internet connection.

Video lessons

Video lessons

Suitable for anyone with an acoustic or an electric drum set but without the need of a reliable internet connection.

PRIVATE 1 to 1 tuition

PRIVATE 1 to 1 tuition

Available soon at 2 locations in Acton, West London (as soon as possible: not yet available due to the current circumstances).

“To learn efficiently , it is crucial to have a teacher who is passionate for his profession, and that’s exactly what I’ve found in Jose. More than simply giving me rhythms and exercises to practice, he inspires me and guides me through to achieve techniques , confidence and autonomy. I still have lots of work to do on drums and I really appreciate that Jose adapts to my strengths and weaknesses to ensure that I improve constantly and what a pleasure it is to work with a warm and approachable teacher, who knows how to work seriously while making the lessons truly enjoyable and fun”.

Swanny Henry, 31 years old , female drum student in London.

“Jose has been teaching my son Tony Raez for more than 5 years, since he was 7 years old. My son has always get on so well with Jose and has truly enjoyed his lessons, which are both challenging and interesting. Thanks to Jose’s enthusiasm for drums and to his patience, Tony has made huge progress and he continues to develop. Jose is a great person in who I fully trust and rely on with the care, welfare, and well being of my son”

Eugenio Raez. Raez Consulting